An assortment of past popular essays and interviews. 

Some content not suitable for all viewers. 

A mention of war, sexual politics and the contemporary censorship of literature.
Iconoclast Icons: The Family Part of a series of academic essays on radical cultural events of the 1960s & 1970s, Iconoclast Icons remains one of the most popular pieces posted - all links were updated as often as possible from 2003 through 2011.
Suna no onna One of my favorite novels, this is an annotation of Kobo Abe's unusually erotic Woman of the Dunes or Suna no Onna.  A simple dialog offering a brief explanation of the narrative, with story segments to share for live reading.
Lustmord: Sexual Murder in Weimar Seen in  the Cine-Muerte catalog at the Vancouver, B.C. film festival + reprinted in Andy Black's Necronomicon UK, Lustmord delves into the attraction towards themes of sexual murder in contemporary cinema by journeying back to the decadence of modernist art in Weimar culture. 
There Are Pictures in Your Paintings Originally for print in HeadPress UK this special piece is a collaboration between BDC & John Szpunar of Detroit's Barrel Entertainment. It is the last interview with painter, film maker & jazz historian David X Young before his 2001 death.
The Korean Comfort Women  A 2003 live workshop held at Goddard College, this piece on the  Korean Comfort Women discusses a secret history of sexual slavery during WWII. Young women kidnapped from all over the Asian occupied territories and colonies were held as prisoners in battle fields, strategically placed to sexually service the Japanese troops.  The Comfort Women are the catalyst conversation for international dialog on forced relations and rape during war. 
Topazu  An interactive dialog between BDC & New York City performance personality Andrew Hampsas on culture behind the Pink Curtain. Inspired by Tokyo Decadence directored by  Ryu Mirakami. Topazu is part of the Necronomicon SIN CIN project for Andy Black.
The Chambermaid
Published in 1900 under the title Le journal d`une femme de chambre, The Diary of a Chambermaid first appeared in the United States in 2006. Known first for Jean Renoir's 1946 mildly successful attempt, and most famously  for  Luis Bunuel's classic  1964 film,  The Chambermaid is the controversial story based on Octave Mirabeau's tale of a Parisian maid employed in a bourgeoisie country home. It sounds fairly simple a plot, though she truly puts Wisteria Lane to shame!
The Piano Teacher

Set in contemporary Vienna amidst the dichotomy of the city’s core of tradition and a coming of age into cultural decay, The Piano Teacher is a painfully disturbing romance based on Elfriede Jalinek’s 1983 Nobel Prize winning autobiographical novel of the same name.

Pain itself is merely a consequence of the desire for pleasure, the desire to destroy, to annihilate; in its supreme form, pain is a variety of pleasure.” 


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