M. Dante is a respected wordsmith, qualitative researcher, public speaker, and prior photographer. Known for justice based blogging, critical writing, and communication workshops, she is also popular for her more esoteric creative non-fiction and poetry. She has been active in public discussion on street-based lifestyles, survival sex, work, and trafficking since 2003; writing on topic since the early 1990s in support of programs and legislation essential to empowerment, community health and human rights. Perhaps best defined as a cultural anthropologist Melanie is now a published author and curator of commentary with her first book in print by Mockingbird Publishing.


Contributing to projects combining her background in the creative arts, the health arts and sciences, volunteer service, and her familiarity of urban dynamics, Melanie enjoys an active, cosmopolitan lifestyle in Greater Philadelphia /Valley Forge.


As a Goddard College graduate (BA 2003 / HAS MA 2005), Melanie has a strong sense of community, along with immense respect for individualism. Receiving the Drexel University Deans Scholarship for excellence in research, Melanie selected to stay between her home in Lancaster, PA and her studies in Plainfield, VT, completing the then newly established Goddard College Health Arts & Sciences (HAS MA) program. The HAS MA was an interdisciplinary program founded on the principle that community health, personal health, and the health of the natural world are equal.


In 2009 the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) awarded Melanie a grant to complete a small business start up program offered by Assets Lancaster. As a result of Assets, she operated a unique craft and collectibles project, Beautiful Day Creations, through the death of her mother, who shared company with her after having to retire early as a result of Multiple Sclerosis.


Stepping up to community challenges during CoVid she currently continues with the calling of licensed care in home and health environments, serving counties of South Eastern and Central PA, along with maintaining communications and case management for re/entry support specific to incarceration and trafficking.


Often asked from where she hails, Melanie is a vibrant thread in the weave of the American tapestry. Originally from Boston's North Shore, she lived in Coastal Florida and New Mexico during her middle school years as a result of her parent's creative and entrepreneurial pursuits. Independent since 16, she moved to Brooklyn at 18, living between New York and San Francisco for over a decade. Pennsylvania has been "home" since 1999.


Goddard College adviser Katt Lissard wrote: "Melanie was always a pleasure to work with. She's articulate, intelligent, highly creative, and has a strong sense of justice and the individual's right to personal freedom. Her work moves between the transgressive & the transformative, always including compassion & heart.”

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2019 Inception Of M Dante Associates LLC 

2019 D/17 Philly IDTEVASW

2019 SWOP Behind Bars 

2018 D/17 Philly IDTEVASW

2018 SWOP Behind Bars 

2018 Incarnation Institute Of Sex & Faith IISF 

2018 The Erotic Literary Salon Philadelphia

2018 Philadelphia FIGHT Re Entry and Prison Health Care Summit 

2018 Goddard College Presentation  

2018 Retreats From Oblivion The Journal Of Noir Con 

2018 Word Press Word Camp Bethlehem 

2018 Blind Filmmaker David Block 


2017 Poetry Finalist:  Faulkner - Wisdom Competition “The total number of poems entered for 2017 is 163, of which 47 were  selected as Finalists.” The competition received over 3,000 overall submissions. More information: www.wordsandmusic.org 


December 9th 2017 “Retrograde Poetic”  was shared at the Verbal Sanctuary for Sexual Expression at  Philadelphia Museum of Art Perelman Building as part of a special  Literary Salon group presentation organized by  Susana Mayer, PhD. 

2017 Dotlen Academy Of Science

2017 National M.S. Society GRC 

2017 Crossroads Women’s Center 

2017 ESPU-Philly 
2017 WordPressing + Word Camp PHL
2017 SWOP Behind Bars (SBB)  
2017 Diversion Press Anthology Poet 
2016 D/17 PHILLY 
2016-2017 PGN/EPGN 
2016 McKennas Gym Event Volunteer at The Oaks at Valley Forge 
2016 Sen. Haywood's Reading Revolution Lead Tutor

2016  Read by 4th Lead Tutor 
2016 Philadelphia Noir Con
2015-2016 J l/Noir Anthology + J/Noir Panel
2016 Word Press Word Camp PHL 
2016 UALE 41 Rutgers University 
2016 Dornsife Writers Room Anthology Poet
2016 PEC Families First Literacy Volunteer 
2014-2016 Noir Riot Anthology Author 
2015 UALE 40 Penn State via SWOP

2015 Suffolk County Community College

2015 Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco

2015 Lit-quake San Francisco

2015 J/Noir P M Press

2015 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

2015  Philadelphia / Project SAFE

2013-2015 Community United for Safety and Protection (CUSP)

2012-2015 The ESPLER Project / ESPU San Francisco

2012-2014 Lady Dahlia Entertainment

2012-2015 The Erotic Literary Salon Philadelphia

2015 Philadelphia Fight End AIDS 

2015 SEXx Interactive in affiliation with "Sex with Timaree" and GALAEI

2015 Regain That Feeling with Dr. Mitch Tepper, PhD M P D

2015 Noir Riot

2014 Sen-Sexual E-Anthology in affiliation w. The Philadelphia Erotic Literary Salon

2014 The Projection Booth Podcast hosted by Mike White and Rob St. Mary

2014 Faulkner Society Short Story Finalist 
2014 Crossfit Novem Event Volunteer 


Archived Projects Include:


Philadelphia 2012 - 2013

2012-2014 IOTA: The Arlington Poetry Mic Hosted by Miles David Moore

2012 The Walking Fish Theater Philadelphia

2012 HeadPress 2.6: Collaborative interview with V.Vale of ReSearch Publications

2012 PA Ballot Access Coalition, Philadelphia and Harrisburg

2012-2014 Free Tours by Foot Philadelphia

2012-2013 Sales Gaspillee:  Upstairs at The Irish Pol 


Lancaster 2005-2011
jasharp Custom Jewelers

Kalargyros Gallery

Dosie Dough Bakery

Dog Star Books

Millersville University/ Ganser Gallery

Franklin & Marshall College

2005-2011 FUND RAISERS 

Clare House (Shelter for Women)

Crispus Attucks Community Center

Team American Spirit 

The National M.S. Society

The Red Thread


CB Richard Ellis, Philadelphia

Christina's Pantry, Lancaster

DJ Gerri Hoff & The International Network, Lancaster

Dog Star Books, Lancaster

Eyes Wide Open /American Friends Service Committee, Lancaster

Gallery 141, Lancaster

Goodman Creations, Lancaster

HeadPress, UK

Mimi Shapiro, Lancaster

Octavia & the Earthblood Blues Band, Paradise

Padmani Kundalini Yoga Products, Lancaster

Party of One, Lancaster / NYC

The Maternal Diva Rose Hudson, York

Andy Black's Necronomicon, UK

Barrel Entertainment, Detroit

Beautiful Day Creations Memorial Website
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